Momo (Nepali Dumplings): The Nepali food that all need to know about

Posted On:Sunday, December 30, 2018

Momo “म:म:” unanimously is the unofficial national dish of Nepal. This Nepali dumpling which comes in various shapes, sizes and with all kinds of fillings is a household name in many parts of Nepal. With simple recipes contrasting to the delectable taste, Momo is the go-to meal for any period of the day. Momo is more than a dish in Nepal; it is a way of life.


What is Momo?

The word Momo is said to be originated in ancient Tibet but the Nepali Momo has established a unique identity of its own. Like any other type of dumpling, it is a meat or vegetable filling wrapped in a dough. It is bite-sized and usually served with dipping sauce. Chicken, Veg, and Buff Momos are the most common kinds of Momo in the country but other kinds are available too. Due to its massive consumption, Momo has evolved to become a fast food in Nepal. If a Momo shop gets going, it is very likely to be making and selling Momos from lunch to dinner. The average cost of a Momo in Nepal is around 100 rupees (~US$1) but the cost can differ according to the choice of filling, and the scale of restaurant you choose to consume it at.


Why anyone should try Momo?

A Momo is more than a food, it reflects tradition, lifestyle and culture of the specific locality where it is available. There are many families run Momo restaurants that have been around for years serving the same dish with their own family recipe day after day. People in Nepal consume Momo as different meals at different times of the day. Momo works for lunch, snack, and dinner. Momo is usually a steamed dumpling but over time various types of Momos have developed in Nepal. Fried Momo is another famous type of Momo where the dumpling is deep fried to provide a crispy texture to it. Don’t know if you want it fried or steamed? “Kothey” is an option which has the best of both worlds as it is steamed dumplings which have been pan-fried to create a crusty skin. C, Chilly and Jhol (in a soup) are other varieties of Momos. Paneer Momo and Banana Momo are newer initiatives expanding the horizon of the possibilities of variations of this truly appetizing food item.


This delicious dish, if made and consumed in the right way has health benefits too! For one, the sheer delight when you bite into the savory fillings of a Momo is bound to refresh your mood and bring about positive energy! For a well-made Momo (with minimum oil and healthy fillings) the average calorie count is at 45 Kilocalories per piece. A steamed Momo is always healthier than a fried one. The dipping also is known as “Achar” or “chutney” can be made a healthy one with a blend of spices and flavors such as mint, oregano, mustard etc.


Why anyone should try Momo making?

Not only eating Momos, but the process of making them is also a unique experience. It is a wonderful family activity perfect for gatherings. Everyone can be involved in the process of wrapping the mix and it always tastes better when the whole family plays a part. Momo is also a great food to experiment with. You can experiment with the fillings and create your own type of Momo. Furthermore, the dipping sauce can be a unique creation of your own.


Momo recipes

Momos can be made in various ways but the basic ingredients and process are as follows:




  • Choice of filling (minced meat/veggies)
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Ginger
  • Oil
  • Coriander
  • Flour for the dough
  • Tomato
  • Garlic
  • Masala mix


Momo Making Steps


  1. Add some water, oil, and salt and knead the flour until you get a soft but not sticky dough.
  2. Wrap the dough in a plastic and set it.
  3. Add the ingredients (apart from the dough) in the filling of your choice and mix it properly. Add a tiny bit of water to ensure the filling is soft and moist. It is best if the filling is prepared an hour or so earlier to let the flavors set in.
  4. Ball up tiny pieces of the dough and roll it out
  5. Place the filling inside it and wrap it (YouTube wrapping techniques)
  6. Steam the dumplings until it is ready
  7. You can make the dipping as per your taste.


So when in Nepal, make sure you enjoy this mouthwatering cuisine which comes in different shapes, sizes, and color. You will not only find it yummy and be wanting more but also experience the richness of the community in this dish. A unique identity and delicious taste, Momo will have that effect on you where you can’t help but drool on the thought of having it again.