Why Us

  • Qualified and trained chef

You can lay back and take it easy with our qualified and equally trained chefs and cooks because not only are they experts in the art of cooking but their love for cooking will actually inspire you to fall in love with the local ingredients, utensils, spices, and herbs too. While texts can give you great dishes, our chefs, on the other hand, can provide you with all the tips and tricks to make it perfect. So, don’t worry about making a mistake or not getting things right; have fun and learn with the best companions with easy to follow steps and practical solutions.


  • Clean and hygienic kitchen

The chefs can’t be the star if the kitchen isn’t shining. That is why we take extra care in everything we do around the kitchen from cleaning to sweeping to polishing down the utensils. Our staffs are dressed in aprons and equipped with gloves and hair masks to take it down to the minute cleanliness. We prepare everything beforehand so that the course doesn’t get any interruptions and you can get the optimum experience. The kitchen is cleaned, the utensils are well placed, and there is an ample amount of sunlight to brighten everyone’s mood.


  • Well described cooking menu

We realize some of us just prefer looking over the texts more than getting the audio or kinetic experience. Hence, we provide a helpful cooking menu with all the meals described with easy-to-follow steps. One can turn to the menu if you are the perfectionist who requires the exact measurements or the exact temperatures. These also come in handy if you desire to practice the cuisines on your own and boast of your skills to your friends.


  • Easy booking

Our classes are profound but the bookings for these classes are an absolute breeze. With no hassle, one can go to our website and click the booking option. Fill out the necessary information and, in seconds, the booking is ready. For further information and confirmation, the customer service is open to all and can be contacted through email and phone. We even have a pickup system if you don’t know your way around Kathmandu.


  • English spoken support team

Communication is the key to getting things done. Therefore, our staffs are fully fluent in English which will help them to cooperate with you through your learning process. Anyone is welcome to ask questions or share their inquiries with no restrictions. It can even help you to learn better in fact. Our team is always around if you get stuck on something so always feel free to speak your doubts.


  • Lovely Ambiance

Maybe it’s the space, maybe it’s the breeze or maybe it’s just the overwhelming amount of love for food that flows through the kitchen, Nepal Cooking School is the home for falling in love with rich flavors of Nepalese cuisine. Everyone is welcomed with smiles and we always strive to create the same environment throughout the learning process. With the ingredients, earnest learning with a dash of fun, we work our level best to provide a five-star dish of a Nepalese lifestyle through cooking.