Momo (Nepali Dumplings): The Nepali food that all need to know about

Posted On: Sunday, December 30, 2018

Momo “म:म:” unanimously is the unofficial national dish of Nepal. This Nepali dumpling which comes in various shapes, sizes and with all kinds of fillings is a household name in many parts of Nepal. With simple recipes contrasting to the delectable taste, Momo is the go-to meal for any period of the day. Momo is more than a dish in Nepal; it is a way of life. (more…)

Food tour in Kathmandu: The top 5 dishes in the Capital

Posted On: Saturday, December 22, 2018

With its rich geographical, ecological and ethnic diversity, Nepal has a plethora of unique dishes to offer. The food here is not just a basic need or for the taste, it is an integral part of the lifestyle. People of different backgrounds enjoy varieties of food as a celebration of life and culture. The capital Kathmandu, which is a melting pot of people from all over the country, provides a huge and diverse menu for people to choose from. Being a business and trade hub of the country, Kathmandu also is a home to individuals of diverse culture, race, and ethnicities. Regardless of the distinctions, assimilating them into a single roof, Kathmandu also innovates and improvises their lifestyle and food culture. (more…)

12 Nepali Food Cuisines That You Must Try Cooking

Posted On: Monday, December 17, 2018

While the majestic vistas and lavish cultural exhibition, Nepal is for the travel mongrers yearning for the most exuberant of experiences. The food experience in Nepal is equally amazing as the mountains and the culture. From the rich cultural diversity and the geographical setting of different types of people, Nepali food cuisine, although not distinguishable into one specific dish, offer not just as a basic need but represent the way of life. Some of the most popular Nepali foods have been influenced by its two neighboring countries; India and China. Looking into the Nepali menu, you will discover a variety of dishes each infused with unique spices that will leave a lingering taste. You can find a variety of dishes from different cultures. These are not just dishes with different ingredients or taste, but each dish holds a special value in its own culture. (more…)