About Us

At Nepal Cooking School, we value the love for learning equally as the love for cooking. Therefore, we do not just teach you to cook but appreciate the whole process of picking the right ingredients to create a fantastic meal. Our courses are excellent for first timers, with the friendly environment and hands-on activities during the workshop which are easy to follow. Along the way, you’ll get the insight of the daily hustle of Nepalese lifestyle and even make some new friends.

Our classes start right from the basic step—showing love to the ingredients. We head to the local vegetable and fruit markets to pick fresh and organic ingredients. The transport will be in a rickshaw, which most of our clients believe is the best fun way to get around the valley. You are bound to love the ambiance of bustling morning and evening market and learning the ways of picking the freshest and finest ingredients. The range of our recipes is fit for even those who have never tasted the true flavors of Nepalese cuisine. Therefore, it will be easy for all our clients to not only recreate the dishes but even build upon it to better suit their taste buds. We encourage those who take the courses to really get in there and enrich their taste and knowledge of Nepali food so that there is a pleasant atmosphere to talk about improvements and ask any questions. With the cooking school located at the heart of the city, we even provide pick up service from your hotels for your utmost convenience.

Cooking and learning hold a dear place in our institution, and so do love and giving back to our community. The profit from our cooking school is used to fund social programs for our organization, Journey Nepal, which has been operating since 2012. So when you cook here, you cook with love. You cook to learn about Nepal, and finally, you cook for a greater cause.  Book Now