Kathmandu’s No 1 Cooking Experience

Welcome to Nepal Cooking School! We are thankful to you for yearning to learn about Nepal, its food, and the culture in delightful harmony with its food.

Located in the tourist-centric Thamel, Nepal Cooking School is the first of its kind, operating more than just cooking classes. Delve into the enchanting world of Nepalese cuisine—from learning about the nature of food in Nepal to picking the best ingredients to give the final touches to a homemade dish. Enter into the realm of homemade goodness with the right amount of enriching nutrients and absolute deliciousness as we provide you with the ultimate guide to put the special magic into any recipe. Harness your creativity and imagination with our chefs as they teach you the culinary tips to perfect your skills. Experience the essence of the art of cooking with love to provide exquisite Nepalese dishes not just for the tummy but for the soul as well. Enriching in every step of the journey, we assist you to gather the insights behind the origin and sentiment of the food.

Food and food culture at its best! Nepal Cooking School with the lavish engraving of Nepali culture in its food will help you find the true essence of food.